InterBlock education

Posted on 15.05.2013 at 13:32

In the week from 13 to 17 May, 2013, an educational training programme was held at Elektronček for service engineers so they could obtain the title of Service Instructor. This is the highest level that a service engineer can obtain according to the IBS organisational scheme. There was also participation from engineers who cover all the main markets: Europe, USA and Canada, Asia and the Pacific.

At the training the candidates first received all necessary knowledge from the area of internal organisation and from various information systems (Navision, IBS: InterBlock Service Online/www, CRM, Jira). Naturally, the main emphasis of the training was on obtaining in-depth technical knowledge of all products produced and sold by the Elektronček group.

At the training, Elektrina presented its products and innovations in the area of gaming machines. We divided the topic into 9 categories:

  • TestBoards and the G4 Test module – Tools for testing and setting up gaming machines,
  • Communication Analyser 1 and 2 – Programming tools to analyse communication,
  • SAS in detail by chapters – Slot Accounting System.
  • DSD – Dice settings and diagnostics – Tools to manage and analyse games using dice,
  • Roulette Centre G4D – A new roulette centre,
  • Bubble G4D – A new automated machine for bingo,
  • Supply G4D – A new power control module for gaming areas and centres,
  • Remote Switch On/Off protocol,
  • Organic Card – An automated gaming machine for games using cards.
The last day of training was dedicated to a thorough evaluation of knowledge obtained. All candidates successfully passed this relatively difficult test, which included a theoretical and practical portion. This was followed by the handing out of diplomas and a celebration.